RE/MAX Cayman Islands Announces its Newest Real Estate Apprentice Ryan Bovell

Back in 2016, RE/MAX Cayman Islands launched its three-year real estate apprentice program with its first apprentice Stephen Rivers. After completing the program, Stephen is now a full-time agent with RE/MAX Cayman Islands and has been with the company for over 6 years.

RE/MAX Cayman Islands is proud to announce its newest real estate apprentice, Ryan Bovell who shares his insight into the apprentice program.

The apprenticeship offered by RE/MAX Cayman Islands is one of the most unique opportunities I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. When I first heard of the program, I was very interested but didn’t have any real estate experience. Thinking this would hold me back I was a bit hesitant but the entire team at RE/MAX Cayman Islands has been extremely welcoming.

I’ve just completed my seventh month of the apprenticeship and my experience grows daily. I believe we have the most dedicated agents and incredibly knowledgeable support staff in the Cayman Islands. The entire RE/MAX family has been kind, inviting, friendly and always ready to help.

The goal of my 3-year apprenticeship is for me to have the most vast and appropriate knowledge for every scenario within a very challenging and ever-changing industry. Other parts of the apprenticeship delve into all aspects of becoming a successful real estate agent such as marketing yourself and how to secure and maintain clients and customers. I will also learn a crucial aspect of being an agent which is how to complete all of the necessary steps and documents involved in real estate transactions.

The apprenticeship is very comprehensive. The first year focuses on how to think like a real estate agent, and includes things like deadlines, keeping on top of other agents and clients, and the importance of good communication. I’m learning how to work with the MLS (Multi Listing System) system and LIS (lands and survey).

My second year will include me working under an agent in our office. I will be learning how to do social events like managing both private and public showings. With each new aspect of real estate comes a new plethora of knowledge needed to be successful in this highly competitive market.

The third and final year will be spent just easing into the professional market until the final year is up. At the end of my apprenticeship, I will then decide if I’d like to venture out on my own or join a team.

As I continue down the road of my real estate career, I’d like to take just a moment to thank everyone at RE/MAX Cayman Islands for their support, knowledge, and guidance. It has been exceptionally educational, and I look forward to continuing this journey with such a great group of agents.