Bodden Town.

Bodden Town, situated on the southeastern coast of Grand Cayman, is a historic and picturesque neighbourhood with standout cultural richness.

As the Cayman Islands’ first capital, this cherished destination holds a special place in the hearts of locals, known for its restored cultural heritage sites and a strong sense of community. Bodden Town invites families and individuals seeking a tranquil way of life, offering rustic beaches, a local village feel, and ample growth potential. This residential enclave is perfect for those seeking a balance between serene waterfront views and a connection to the island’s heritage.


  • Historical Significance: Bodden Town proudly wears the badge of the island’s first capital, with historical sites that resonate with the past.
  • Community Vibe: Experience a strong sense of community, fostering a local village feel where residents embrace a close-knit lifestyle.
  • Restored Heritage Sites: Wander through the streets adorned with restored cultural heritage sites, showcasing the authenticity of Caymanian history.
  • Guest House Accommodation: Appealing to those seeking an authentic stay, Bodden Town features properties with guest house accommodations.
  • Tranquil Beaches: Enjoy the rustic beauty of Bodden Town’s beaches, with Beach Bay, just before the town, offering high elevations and breathtaking sunsets.

Things to do

  • Mission House: Step back in time at this National Trust site, a recreation of life in the 1800s, offering a captivating time capsule of Caymanian history.
  • Public Beach: Unwind at the public beach, soaking in the sun and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.
  • The Grape Tree Cafe: An infamous spot where locals flock to from all over the island. Indulge in local flavors at The Grape Tree, known for its fish fry, enjoy collecting your food from its beachside kitchen and savour the authentic Caribbean cuisine on a beach picnic table.



  • Theoline L. McCoy Primary School: A government primary school that provides quality education to the local community.


  • Valu-Med Pharmacy: A reliable pharmacy for everyday health needs.
  • HSA Bodden Town Health Centre: The local health center catering to the healthcare needs of Bodden Town residents.


  • McRuss Grocery: A local grocery store providing essentials for residents in Bodden Town.
  • Plantation Organic: For locally grown vegetables and fruit. Plantation Organic also hosts farm-to-table dinners and has its own nursery.

Real Estate

  • Unique Properties: Discover properties that reflect the island’s history, including Caymanian-style homes that connect with the rich cultural heritage.
  • Modern Contemporary Options: Choose from modern contemporary options that offer a blend of sophistication and convenience.
  • Preservation of Traditional Architecture: Some residents take pride in preserving traditional architecture, adding to the neighbourhood’s unique charm.
  • High-End Exclusive Homes: Bodden Town is home to high-end exclusive residences, offering a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Price Range: With a diverse price range from $200,000 to $8,000,000, Bodden Town caters to a wide spectrum of budgets and preferences.

In summary

A charming, cultural, and peacefully laid-back neighborhood, Bodden Town invites residents to embrace a lifestyle rich in history and tranquility. With its unique blend of historical significance, community warmth, and diverse real estate options, Bodden Town encapsulates Cayman Islands’ authentic charm.

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