Camana Bay.

In Camana Bay, convenience is at your fingertips, allowing for easy and walkable access to all amenities.

This neighbourhood presents a distinctive fusion of residential, commercial, and recreational areas and has evolved into a central hub for cultural happenings and an upscale lifestyle. 


  • Live, Work, Play Balance: Camana Bay offers a seamless blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, creating an environment where everything is within walking distance.
  • Community Atmosphere: Residents enjoy a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with community events ranging from live music shows to grand concerts, fireworks, Christmas lights, and arts festivals.
  • Diverse Cultural Events: The neighborhood is a hub for cultural events, including festivals, concerts, and celebrations, providing a lively and engaging atmosphere year-round.
  • Innovative Urban Planning: Camana Bay stands out for its innovative urban planning and architecture, featuring a mix of contemporary and Caribbean-inspired design that adds to the neighbourhood’s appeal.

Things to do

  • Shopping Extravaganza: Explore a diverse range of local and international brands in Camana Bay’s retail spaces, offering everything from duty-free jewelry and luxury fashion to high-tech gadgets and stylish home goods.
  • Dining Delights: Indulge your taste buds in over a dozen dining options, including cafes, award-winning restaurants, and market and grocery stores. Notable choices include Agua, Abacus, and Karoo.
  • Exciting Events: Immerse yourself in the vibrant events hosted by Camana Bay throughout the year, from festivals to concerts and cultural celebrations.
  • Cinematic Experience: Enjoy a night out at the only cinema in town, conveniently located in the town center.



  • Education is a priority in Camana Bay, with access to a variety of schools such as Village Montesorri, Cayman Music School and Cayman International School, situated in a stunning 13-acre campus.


Camana Bay ensures the well-being of its residents with access to healthcare facilities, including Health City at Camana Bay.


  • Foster’s Camana Bay: Shop for daily essentials at this well-stocked supermarket with a wide selection of products.

Real Estate

  • Luxurious Waterfront Residences: Discover opulent waterfront residences embodying the epitome of luxury living.
  • Prime Land Opportunities: Explore a variety of land lots, providing a canvas to craft your personalized haven in this tropical paradise.
  • Contemporary Condominiums: Explore sleek and modern condominium options.
  • Price range: Prices start from $1M, making Camana Bay an attractive choice for those seeking modern urban living with convenience.

In summary

Camana Bay stands as a modern urban oasis in the Cayman Islands, where the perfect blend of live, work, and play creates a dynamic and engaging community. From innovative urban planning to diverse cultural events, shopping, dining, and a variety of real estate options, Camana Bay offers a lifestyle that appeals to those seeking a contemporary and convenient living experience. Embrace the vibrancy, explore the available properties, and make Camana Bay your home in the heart of the Cayman Islands.

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