RE/MAX Apprentice Shares Work Experience by Stephen Rivers – RE/MAX Real Estate Apprentice

The opportunity of being in the apprenticeship program at RE/MAX Cayman Islands for almost two years has been a fantastic eye-opening experience. Real estate is an industry that is constantly changing and growing in the Cayman Islands with the many developments. The program is set up that in each year I am focusing on different aspects of the business. For my first year I covered the administrative side of real estate which included getting an extensive education of the entire process that is needed to close a deal including the different types of real estate, learning how to operate the MLS and LIS programs and developing good customer service skills by attending training courses.

“Stephen is a great asset on our RE/MAX team,” added Brigitte Greene, RE/MAX Cayman Islands Manager. “It is a pleasure working with him, guiding him through our apprenticeship program and especially seeing him grow into a confident and dedicated team member.”

In my current second year I am shadowing the different sales associates within the company. I have moved into learning how to put together deals, getting out of the office environment and experiencing how agents conduct showings, open houses and listing presentations. In addition, I have observed how they operate their businesses to make them stand out from other agents.

“Stephen is a shining example of how drive and a positive attitude can lead to success,” added Kim Lund, Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Cayman Islands. “He is a hard worker, always on time, and incredibly dedicated. I look forward to seeing him every day at work and helping him achieve his career goal of becoming a real estate associate with RE/MAX”.

The area that I have enjoyed the most so far is going out on showings and listing presentations. I have had the chance to see many of the stunning developments that have either been completed or are currently being finalized and getting exposed to what Grand Cayman has to offer when it comes to island living and why our island has such a diverse landscape.

“We are very impressed with Stephen and his commitment as a young Caymanian, who works with us full time and studies at the same time,” added James Bovell, Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Cayman Islands. “We are excited to see him progress and look forward to him becoming a Sales Associate in the coming years. Well done Stephen.”

I decided to pursue this apprenticeship program because it has presented me with the opportunity to create a different profession for myself other than working in the big industries that the islands are known for. Additionally, it is leading me on the path to accomplish my career goal in life of being an entrepreneur, which is definitely attainable at the end of this three-year program under the #1 real estate company on the island, surrounded by the best agents with more than 150 years combined experience in this field. There is no doubt that I am determined and motivated to become a sales associate and continue to work with this outstanding company and its welcoming and hardworking culture.