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Samuel Lancaster

Sales Associate
+1 345 233 5313

Samuel has spent a decade working in the entertainment business across multiple creative roles. He grew up in the Cayman Islands and has lived in New York, Hong Kong, Bermuda, and Australia. After completing his Economics degree at the University of Sydney Business School and starting multiple successful businesses, he has permanently returned home to live in Grand Cayman.

Previously, he spent time running his own business as both a cinematographer and producer, working with clients like Post Malone, Sony Music, Universal, and Diane Von Furstenberg. In addition to running his own business, he was also involved in the launch of the social media application, Triller, and the Smartware company, Muzik.

Samuel is an expert marketer and now uses his creative thinking and passion for marketing to ensure his clients and customers get the very best results, every single time. He is diligent and thorough, while also engineering innovative solutions for those who work with him.

In his spare time, Samuel enjoys boating and diving and has an avid passion for film photography.

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